Friday, 13 July 2012

One Magical Hour

Your Picture 
Tells One Very Special Story 
Thank You
 For Sharing It With Me  
So Others Have The Chance 
To See My Beautiful
Now She Is Giving You All Her 
One Magical Hour 

My Story My Vision
It Was...
Two in The Morning
As I Lay In My Bed 
I Saw A Bright Shining Light
So Bright It Hurt My Eyes
Something That Doesn't happen 
At Two in The Morning
I Knew It Was Echo
I Knew She Was Returning

The Light So Bright
Broke Through The Darkness
Broke Through The Clouds
Shone Through The 
Slats In The Blind

In The Silence I Lay And Watched
As The Slit In The Clouds
Turned Into A Magical Moment
Never to Be Forgotten
I Saw You Asleep 
Beyond The Clouds
I Saw Your Eyes
I Saw Your Nose
I Saw The Dome Of Your Head
I Saw Your Back 
I Saw The White Stripe On Your Legs
I Saw Your White Blaze 
Then I Saw The Magic
The True Tri Colour's Of You

For Beyond The Light
Came A Magical Glow
Bringing You Back In Full Glory
Your Colour's Magnificent
Your Image Perfect

I Struggled For The Camera
This Picture I Did Take

 You Had Gone
You Were Hidden 
By The Clouds

Your Vision Now Forever
Every Time I Close My Eyes 

Looking Into The Clouds
Reliving Your Vision
I Heard Through The Silence
Your Bark
One Solitary Sound
One Beautiful Noise
It Came From Afar
Without Warning
Now It Was Now
Three In The Morning ;)x

Thank You Echo For A Magical Hour
Thank You For Returning 

 The Sound Of The Black Bird
Brought On
A New Morning
Left Me With A Night 
I Will Never Forget

Strange But
I Told My Story That Morning To  Ron
Amy and Sarah
Then Turned On My Lap Top 

To My Disbelief
A Friend On  FB
Had Posted This Picture
The Same Picture I Saw That Night
Within The Cloud 
Shining Bright 
Thank You Sharon 
Thank You So Much For
Sharing Your Image With Me
Taken In A Different Part Of The Country 
At A Different Time 
But Still The Same Image
ECHO'S Smile

Echo Your Smiles
Will Always Live On 
Echo You Will Always Be 
Next To Me 
Carry On Smiling
My Shining Star 
Love Always 
Your Mum 
Liz ;)x 

Sunday, 22 April 2012