My Story ... My Vision

My Story ... My Vision

The Rat Man 
My Story ...My Vision

Can't Believe what Happened
I can't believe its true.
How a friend on facebook 
brought back my memories of you.

The Original Picture

 Just Added My Name & A Frame
Original Still On My Computer Untouched

 I Added My Rhyme
Put It On Face Book

All I Could See At This Time
    Was A Row Off Little Ducks

Till Dawndy Pointed Out To Me 
What She Could See 

So I Just Took
A Closer Look 

Oh No 
 A Story I Could See
Unfolding To Me
In This Picture I See... 
A Man Falling Wearing A Hat 
I Can See Him Holding His Boat With His Hands 
His Legs Either Side
I Can See A Key To The Left Of The Falling Man 

Pictures Edited From Original

Follow The Picture Down Where I See A Skeleton
 Move To The Right Of The Skeleton

I Then See A Face Of A Man Being Pulled Up 
By The Grim Reaper A Dark Figurine Who's Arms In The Air Holding A Scythe

This Leads Me On To The Arm Of A Ghost
Who's Holding The Mans Hair
Follow The Arm Down This Makes A Loop
(Look In Side This Closely A Vision I See that Of A Lady )
Follow The Loop Around
Now The Head And Face Of A Ghost Appear
Follow The Head Down 
On The Ghosts Right Shoulder I Can See A Begging Rat
The Ghosts Other Arm Makes A Serpent Looking At The Rat
On The Serpents Back There Is A Hat
Within The Ghosts White Body Is A Cross In His Heart
While Down In His Cloak 
I See A Headless Body 
Similar To A Egyptian Cave Drawing
Other Images I See Above The Ghosts Head
A Bottle Shaped Hallo ..
With A Sad Face 
Then Steps Leading Upwards
This Is What I See ...

Some Facts That You Should Know ...
The Rat Man 
3rd Feb 2009
On This Same Stretch Of Canal
While Changing His Gas Bottles 
That Are Chained To The Boat With A Key 
He Used To Catch Rats And Had A Rat Trap 
And In The Coroners Report

 A Tragic Accident 
Taken Back  By What I Saw
I Had To Make A Blog

Maybe  Gone 
But Not Forgotton
But Chose Me To Live On 
We Called Him 

The Rat Man
We Never Knew His Name
For We Only Ever Met Him As We Walked By With Inca 
And He Chatted As We Passed
Reminding Inca To Beware Of The Rat Trap

One Day We Saw Him
He Travelled Alone With His Two Dogs
We Met Him As We Sailed Our Boat
We Helped Him Through A Lock 

So Having Heard The Tragic News
 The Rat Man 
Drowned In The Frozen Canal

Trying To Change His Gas  Fell Of His Boat 

I Felt Touched And Wrote Him A Poem

Laminated It So People Could See
He Didn't Die In Vain
We Took A Primrose Bowl &Bulbs 
We Went Down That freezing Day
  On The Bench I Tied The Poem 
Placed The Bulbs Beside
There Was Only One Other Floral Tribute
It Made Us Feel Quiet Sad And We Cried ;(x

A Wooden Cross On The Other Bank
Read ... RIP Des Hutton

We Went Back To Walk Inca Two Weeks Later

My Poem Still Hanging There 
Floral Tribute Gone 
 My Bowl Of Bulbs 
 Placed The Other Side The Canal
Next To The Cross
Don't Know Who Moved Them
Don't Know Who Cared

I Took Down My Poem 
And Brought It Home With Me 

Gone But Not Forgotten x
I Don't Know Why 
But I Had Kept
The Newspaper Cuttings from That Day


Along With My Poem 
Hidden Away  
 Is This Why 3 yrs On
Almost To That Day 
A Vision Came 
Back To Me

His Memory Will Last
Through My Story To You

Now You Have Heard My Story 
Can You Please Tell Me What You See ?

Our Tribute To Des ... The Rat Man
Ron Liz & Inca ;)x

Sarah Lee
Dawny this was jsut a normal picture my mum took about 6 months ago, I am not sure what made her post it to facebook the other day, but she did not see the man until you pointed him out, then after you did it become so obvious he was there, my dad looked and instantly said oh its the rat man... now the rat man was a man who lived on a canal boat, mum and dad spoke to him as they passed they called him the rat man because he would catch rats and lend out his trap to fellow boater, he was not a close friend and so mum and dad din't know his real name, but then on 3rd of febuary he sadly lost his life, he was trying to change his gas canister and somehow slipped this is a link to the story reported locally: mym mum wrote him a poem the days after his accident and took it to the canal, but since then its not really been mentioned, until now as like you say the images are so very clear - we are as intreaged by this as you are and mum just wonders if its our over active imaginations or if the picture really shows somethign more?
A WOMAN who found her friend's body in a canal has paid tribute to him, calling him a "loveable rogue". Jackie Orton discovered Desmond Hutton in the Trent and Mersey canal at Willington...


The Rat Man

They Say That People Come Back 
To Visit You
Yesterday He Came Back To Me ...
On Face Book I Posted ...

A Picture From The Canal I Love
A Picture Of The Ducks I see
A Little Verse Added By Me x

But There Was More to This Picture
As You Will See
My Friends On FB 
Found Him Unknown To Me

Liz Lee added a new photo.

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder SO DANG ADORABLE!!!
      Yesterday at 7:59am · · 1
    • Liz Lee Thank You Dawndy ... This Picture was From One Of Our lovely Days On The Boat Last year x
      Yesterday at 8:25am ·

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Funny.. U know how u can make things out of cloud shapes? Well lol in the water I see a tiny little man with a funny looking hat on!! I can't look at the pic w/o seeing the little man ha ha!
      20 hours ago · · 1

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder His body is REAL skinny and head huge and the hat or huge crown is real big lol do u see it? Anyone else? Or did I lose my marbles ha don't answer that I know the answer already lol
      20 hours ago · · 1

    • Patrick Hogan YES, Just to the right of the lettering . Can clearly see the brim of the hat and two eyes and his nose.
      19 hours ago · · 1

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Yes!!!! Oh I'm not crazy lol although the hat doesn't have a brim it's like a very tall crown :0/

      18 hours ago · · 1

    • Liz Lee Well I See Him As Well ... Love Is ... Reflections With Meaning ;)x
      16 hours ago ·

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Awww I guess he actually really there what kind of hat do u see Liz !
      15 hours ago ·

    • Amy Boulton I see him too - looks a bit like a furry bear skin soldiers hat and hes got a furry tash too!
      2 hours ago ·

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Oh this is fun! So glad you all see him! But scarlet too eh? Liz just took a pic of the ducks... Why?? Was there a man in the water that her boat was in??? Laalaa singing the twilight zone song lol
      about an hour ago ·

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Lol and now..... When I'm looking again... Next to lil man is a HUGE man wrapped all in white looks wrapped up like a mummy? Now... Does anyone? See him too ? Lol
      about an hour ago  

      • Tracey Kirkup I couldn't see him before and have just come back on and seen him straight away.....spooky :) Is it a recent photo, or was it taken on 3rd Feb last year?
        Yesterday at 12:13pm · · 1

      • Tracey Kirkup I've just read the newspaper articles and your poem, how sad and tragic. Your poem is beautiful Liz x
        Yesterday at 12:17pm · · 1

      • Liz Lee Tracey just Took This Duck Picture Last Year On Our Boat Trip x
        Yesterday at 12:19pm ·

      • Tracey Kirkup I just wondered if the date was signifacant in being able to see the man?
        Yesterday at 12:20pm ·

      • Sarah Lee I think it shows his spirits lives on... its shuck me and mum up.
        Yesterday at 12:23pm ·

      • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder ‎???? Who is the rat man ? I'm sooo confused by Tracy and u Liz lol :0/
        Yesterday at 12:43pm ·

      • Tracey Kirkup Click on the link Sarah has posted and it tells you all about him, he is a friend of Liz's who died in the canal. I hadn't heard of him before either x
        Yesterday at 12:51pm ·

      • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Omg!!!! I just clicked on that link!! Everyone all my life always told me I could tell their thoughts. See things they couldn't I can't believe ME found your special friend for you!!! No one else picked up on it. But soon as I saw the pic IMMEDIATELY I saw him! He KNEW how ....I.... ALWAYS comment on your special pics! He knew I. Would see him for you! I feel so good inside! Wish there was an actual pic of him. :0) I'm glad I brought him to u Liz ♥
        Yesterday at 12:57pm ·

      • Patrick Hogan I used to stop and talk to him whilst he was moored near the winding hole in Willington............... I remember his two dogs but have forgotten their names. His spirit lives on ! thanks to Liz's image and Dawndy spiritual vision.
        Yesterday at 1:02pm ·
      Ron Came Home Last Night From Work I Showed Him This Picture And All Your comments 
      He Said Straight Away ... 

      "It's The Rat Man Hes Come Back To You Dawndy Found Him For You ;)x"
      Thank You Dawndy

      They Say That People Come Back To Visit You ;)x
      Well 3yrs ago .. Feb3rd 2009
      Des Hutton Lost His Life
      On This Stretch Of Canal 
      A Boating Friend Of Ours 
      He Lived On And Loved This Canal
      Now I Look At This Picture 
      In A Different Light

      I See You There
      Your Vision Now Forever
      So Now I Have Turned
      The Picture Into A Tribute To You
      My Friend The Rat Man ;)x

      I Remember That Day Well
      So Wrote This Tribute To Him
      And Left It By His Side ;( x
      In This I Say  ...
      We Will Miss You As We Pass
      But Your Memory Will Last

      Its 3yrs Since That Day
      You Went Away

      Memories Of That Day
      Will Always Stay x 

      Captured Now Forever
      Your Memory Will Always Last
      And Now Is Shared 
      By My Friends Who Found You

      Thank You Everyone
      For Returning Him
      To The Friends Who Loved
      And Miss Him So

      R.I.P  ... Des... Feb3rd 2009


  1. Liz my friend...I got goosebumps all over...I never read your whole blog till this second (1/27/12 4am NY time) flipped me out..that ALL because of "ME" this ALL came about...You posted it others commented but NO one saw what I did!! I wish I could do this for my own ill fates..My Daughter-My older brother Link who died on his way to my home for thanksgiving day..My Husband who died on Thanksgiving day...Loss of my leg..all this in 2 yrs time..I so wish I could have a story such as this..who knows maybe I will..and YOU LIZ will find it :O) Love you Bunches! <3

  2. hello everyone.
    my name is chris,im des huttons son.
    ive just been googling my dads name as its his birthday today.
    its so nice to see people talking about him sill.
    i miss him very much.

    1. Hello Chris, its Liz Daughter Sarah here, thanks for taking the time to comment on my mums blog post she thinks of Des often yet we knew so little about him.
      When we saw the face in the water it reminded her of your dad instantly. I am so glad you found this post. Happy Birthday Des you are in our thoughts x

  3. Hiya Sarah.
    It's so nice to know people still think about my dad. Course I still think of him every day and miss him so very much
    He was a fantastic farther to me and my brother James. I think he just lost his way in the last couple of years of his life but from what I have from people that knew him before he died he was getting back to the old dad that we loved very much. He dedicated his life looking after myself James and my mum kath.
    Its so nice to know that he wasn't on his own and he had lovely people like your mum that took the time to speak to him. Thank her so much for that please.

    1. The boater community is a lovely one and there is normally someone on the canals who will say hello :) This blog post is abit of a confussing one as my mum tried to explain the story of how she knew your dad and of his passing after a friend saw a face in the water of a photo my mum had took along the strecth of canal I also wrote about it on my blog here: I do hope you don't mind us doing so, if of course you'd rather these posts not be live on the internet then please do just say, if you would like to email myself or my mum then please feel free my mums email address is and mine is Take Care x