Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Special Friendship

Special Friendship
Memories Forever
Special Boating Friends

A Day In our Lives
A Day To Remember
A Special Moment In Time
Captured Forever x
Love Just Says It All xxx
Needs No Words x

Special  Magic Memories
Special  Magic Times
Captured Forever
A Momemt In Time x

 A Special Friend
Is Hard to Find
Hold Them Tight
Don't Let Them Slip Away x

Friendship And Love
Is Something You Can Not
Buy x

Patrick & Smithy x
With You ...
We Have Found A Special Friendship
One That Money Can Not Buy
One That Will Last Forever
One That Will Never Go Away

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Silent Sunday ... First Kiss

Someone Who Cares

Wagg Treats!

Yesturday the post man arrived with a little package, inside there was a gift from Wagg Dog Food

A pack of Puppy Dog Treats. Perfect I thought! With Zanda being our latest addition we are deffinately in need of some training around here!

Anyone with a Beagle knows that they LOVE food, but they can be very prone to weight gain, so its always important when you are giving rewards to make sure you use treats specially designed with your dog in mind.

These Wagg Treat Reward Sticks went down a treat! and not just with Zanda, the whole pack wanted to get in on the action!

The treats are priced £1 and there is plenty in the pack, a great handy size to take with you on a long walk to reward the good behaviour, which is always a great way to train your Beagle on and off a lead.

My girls loved the taste of these with yoghurt for Healthy Teeth and bones, they obviously have a great taste and my girls all fell asleep dreaming of them!

You can find more information about Wagg Dog Food, and their great selection of tasty treats which contain no artificial colours, flavours or added sugar, so you will be confident they will be helping to keep your pet healthy, on the Wagg Website here: Dog Food

or you can find them on Twitter : Dalton on Twitter

Dalton also has his own blog! visit him here : Daltons Dog Stories

Friday, 7 October 2011


Pictures Are Special 
Hold So Many Memories 
Tell So Many Stories x