Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Special Friendship

Special Friendship
Memories Forever
Special Boating Friends

A Day In our Lives
A Day To Remember
A Special Moment In Time
Captured Forever x
Love Just Says It All xxx
Needs No Words x

Special  Magic Memories
Special  Magic Times
Captured Forever
A Momemt In Time x

 A Special Friend
Is Hard to Find
Hold Them Tight
Don't Let Them Slip Away x

Friendship And Love
Is Something You Can Not
Buy x

Patrick & Smithy x
With You ...
We Have Found A Special Friendship
One That Money Can Not Buy
One That Will Last Forever
One That Will Never Go Away


  1. what lovely photos, love the oens of the three boating men and the dogs! big snuggles to Smithy and all the boarders on the banks there!

  2. Beautiful photos and more beautiful words xxx

  3. Your beautiful images HAVE CAPTURED special memories that will be with us forever. As you can see I was well and truly 'Beagled' by Zanda ......... Her coat is so soft compared with a border and I can see why Beagles are so loved.
    I hope we have many more special times and look forward to seeing her grow up over the next few months.