Thursday, 8 March 2012

My Birthday .... Thank You ;)x


A Big Thank You 
For All Your Wishes
Your Lovely Comment
Mean So Much
Please Enjoy My Birthay
Poem With Me

A Smile A Day
 Liz ;)x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Little Poems ;)x

My Little Poems ;)x

I Take A Picture
Add A Note
A Smile To Make You Happy
Liz ;)x

These Little Poems Come To Me
In Moments Of Tranquility
Enjoy With Me 
A Smile You See
Every Day A Mystery

Sometimes My Poems Are Happy 
Sometimes They Are Sad
The Words They Hold 
A Meaning To Me
Trapped Within My Body
I Write Them Every Day ;)x 

So Read Them And Be Happy
Enjoy Each And Every Day
The Happiness It Brings You
With A Smile A Day ;)x
Liz ;)x

For These And More
Of My Poems
I Now Share With You
Please Take A Look 
At All In The 
Tab On My Tool Bar
My Little Poems ;)x

 Then Please 
Leave Me A Note
 To Smile With Me

A Little Comment
Means The World To Me 

Liz ;)x