Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Little Poems ;)x

My Little Poems ;)x

I Take A Picture
Add A Note
A Smile To Make You Happy
Liz ;)x

These Little Poems Come To Me
In Moments Of Tranquility
Enjoy With Me 
A Smile You See
Every Day A Mystery

Sometimes My Poems Are Happy 
Sometimes They Are Sad
The Words They Hold 
A Meaning To Me
Trapped Within My Body
I Write Them Every Day ;)x 

So Read Them And Be Happy
Enjoy Each And Every Day
The Happiness It Brings You
With A Smile A Day ;)x
Liz ;)x

For These And More
Of My Poems
I Now Share With You
Please Take A Look 
At All In The 
Tab On My Tool Bar
My Little Poems ;)x

 Then Please 
Leave Me A Note
 To Smile With Me

A Little Comment
Means The World To Me 

Liz ;)x


  1. Ethel ;-) xxxx7 March 2012 at 09:37

    These words are just beautiful. Liz you have a rare gift - you can alter moods!! Yes we can smile with you as we identify bits in our own world and cry with you too for the sad words that don't just apply to you but to all of us in some way or another. You have the ability to put into words what some of us feel but can't explain. Keep writing these beautiful words - I'd miss them so much xx

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