Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Special Day ... A Speial Friend

A Special Day ... A Special Friend

Thank You For This Special Day  
Ethel x

Hold on to your Memories
Follow your Dreams...

Life is what you make it
A River full of Streams
Every Stream a Pathway
To a brand New Day
Every Day a Picture
For you to Take Away...

A Memory of your Pathway
A Memory From Today
A Memory will Live Forever
Of Our Special Day

  Memories are now
Dreams Come True
A Special Wish
Of Meeting You x

 Every day must Come to an End
But you never Lose that 
Special Friend ;) x 
A Day To Remember
A Day I'll Never Foget 
Memories Now Forever x

A Special Wink And Wave
 Comes To You Ethel ;) x
With A Big Thank You

Love Liz


Monday, 28 November 2011

24 LIVE Challenge ... My Photos

 The 24 LIVE Challenge ... My Photos
This Was Such Fun
Didnt Get To Do All The Challenges 
But Eleven Wasn't That Bad For Me !!!
Here Are My Enteries x

Joy  ... Love Is ... The Joy Of A Warm Fire x

Speed ... Dreams Of Tomorrow x

Whos Behind The Lens ...  It's Me Breeze x 

Loud  ... 
Let Me Sleep The Music Is To LOUD For Me x

Shadows ... Love Is ... Me and My Shadow x

Laugh ... Thought I Would Make You LAUGH x  ... 
By Putting On My Nice Warm Hat x

Contrast ... Young and Old x

Wake Up !!!!!
It Was Early I Read The Word ...CHALLENGE !!!
Well Washing Is A Morning WAKE UP x

Finding Faces In The Weirdest Places ...
Echo Being Echo Sleeps Anywhere x 

The Great Out Doors  ...  
Lean On Me To Have A Look x

Got It All Wrapped Up 

Got It All Wrapped Up
It's Been Such Fun
Now Merry Christmas 
Everyone x

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My River

Tomorrow Is A New Day

River Memories

Memories of the Sunrise,
Memories of the River,
Memories of the cold wet days,
The ones that made us shiver.
Memories of the Sunshine,
Memories of the Rain,
Memories of the frosty Grass,
The Wind the Snow the Pain!!

Memories of the dogs we love,
Memories of their Barks.
Memories of the times they played
Together in the dark.
Memories of the ghost we saw,
Memories of the cows,
Memories of the other dogs
Down the river that is ours!!

Now to make more memories,
Our lives they must move on.
But like our river,
Our friendship will never be gone
Memories of our river,
One that's always there.
Memories of our Puddled times,
Our streams we now can share.

Memories of the Seasons,
Memories how they pass,
Memories now life moves on,
Memories will always last.
 Special Times
Walking Each Morning 
Come Rain Snow Hail Or Blow !!!
At 6am Every Day
With Jem Breeze Echo Tammy & Inca

And A Special Friend Kelly
And Her Two Retrievers
Flynn & Dave x