Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Special Day ... A Speial Friend

A Special Day ... A Special Friend

Thank You For This Special Day  
Ethel x

Hold on to your Memories
Follow your Dreams...

Life is what you make it
A River full of Streams
Every Stream a Pathway
To a brand New Day
Every Day a Picture
For you to Take Away...

A Memory of your Pathway
A Memory From Today
A Memory will Live Forever
Of Our Special Day

  Memories are now
Dreams Come True
A Special Wish
Of Meeting You x

 Every day must Come to an End
But you never Lose that 
Special Friend ;) x 
A Day To Remember
A Day I'll Never Foget 
Memories Now Forever x

A Special Wink And Wave
 Comes To You Ethel ;) x
With A Big Thank You

Love Liz



  1. A beautiful poem for a special friend......... Liz / Ethel.
    It would be great if you could share with us how you both met.......
    Best wishes,

  2. Love is......making contact with such a wonderful friend!
    Wink & wave back - take care xx