Sunday, 9 January 2011


Smithy came for his holiday's just before Christmas
What Fun!!!!
Beagles & Smithy have played & played
But today is his last day with us
He will be returning to Patrick his Dad
Going to live on a Narrow Boat travelling the Waterways
Seeing the beautiful Countryside
What a lucky Border
Here are a few Pic's of his time spent with us
Have Fun Patrick & Smithy
We are going to miss you

Getting Ready For Christmas
Helping With The wrapping!!!

With My Friend Tammy

Sleeping With Echo & Tammy

Ron Inca Tammy & Me Visit Don & Chris At Our Marina

Waiting For My Dad To Come Home

My Favourite Chritmas Toy


  1. lovely pictures mum, I especially like the one of smithy on his boat :D

    Well done for doing another blog entry :D keep up with it, and it'll be lovely to look back at in the years to come :D xxxx

  2. Hi Liz,
    Only a few more hours and his little body will be twisting with excitement when he sees me........ Hopefully he will understand why he has to leave Inka and all his friends.
    I wonder if they are going to notice that he is not there anymore and I bet you and Ron are going to miss him.
    All best wishes,
    Patrick ( SMITHY'S DAD )

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