Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Rat Man

The Rat Man

They Say That People Come Back 
To Visit You
Yesterday He Came Back To Me ...
On Face Book I Posted ...

A Picture From The Canal I Love
A Picture Of The Ducks I see
A Little Verse Added By Me x

But There Was More to This Picture
As You Will See
My Friends On FB 
Found Him Unknown To Me

Liz Lee added a new photo.

· · · Yesterday at 6:58am

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder SO DANG ADORABLE!!!
      Yesterday at 7:59am · · 1
    • Liz Lee Thank You Dawndy ... This Picture was From One Of Our lovely Days On The Boat Last year x
      Yesterday at 8:25am ·

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Funny.. U know how u can make things out of cloud shapes? Well lol in the water I see a tiny little man with a funny looking hat on!! I can't look at the pic w/o seeing the little man ha ha!
      20 hours ago · · 1

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder His body is REAL skinny and head huge and the hat or huge crown is real big lol do u see it? Anyone else? Or did I lose my marbles ha don't answer that I know the answer already lol
      20 hours ago · · 1

    • Patrick Hogan YES, Just to the right of the lettering . Can clearly see the brim of the hat and two eyes and his nose.
      19 hours ago · · 1

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Yes!!!! Oh I'm not crazy lol although the hat doesn't have a brim it's like a very tall crown :0/

      18 hours ago · · 1

    • Liz Lee Well I See Him As Well ... Love Is ... Reflections With Meaning ;)x
      16 hours ago ·

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Awww I guess he actually really there what kind of hat do u see Liz !
      15 hours ago ·

    • Amy Boulton I see him too - looks a bit like a furry bear skin soldiers hat and hes got a furry tash too!
      2 hours ago ·

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Oh this is fun! So glad you all see him! But scarlet too eh? Liz just took a pic of the ducks... Why?? Was there a man in the water that her boat was in??? Laalaa singing the twilight zone song lol
      about an hour ago ·

    • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Lol and now..... When I'm looking again... Next to lil man is a HUGE man wrapped all in white looks wrapped up like a mummy? Now... Does anyone? See him too ? Lol
      about an hour ago  

      • Tracey Kirkup I couldn't see him before and have just come back on and seen him straight away.....spooky :) Is it a recent photo, or was it taken on 3rd Feb last year?
        Yesterday at 12:13pm · · 1

      • Tracey Kirkup I've just read the newspaper articles and your poem, how sad and tragic. Your poem is beautiful Liz x
        Yesterday at 12:17pm · · 1

      • Liz Lee Tracey just Took This Duck Picture Last Year On Our Boat Trip x
        Yesterday at 12:19pm ·

      • Tracey Kirkup I just wondered if the date was signifacant in being able to see the man?
        Yesterday at 12:20pm ·

      • Sarah Lee I think it shows his spirits lives on... its shuck me and mum up.
        Yesterday at 12:23pm ·

      • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder ‎???? Who is the rat man ? I'm sooo confused by Tracy and u Liz lol :0/
        Yesterday at 12:43pm ·

      • Tracey Kirkup Click on the link Sarah has posted and it tells you all about him, he is a friend of Liz's who died in the canal. I hadn't heard of him before either x
        Yesterday at 12:51pm ·

      • Dawndy-Sophie Sabrina Leder Omg!!!! I just clicked on that link!! Everyone all my life always told me I could tell their thoughts. See things they couldn't I can't believe ME found your special friend for you!!! No one else picked up on it. But soon as I saw the pic IMMEDIATELY I saw him! He KNEW how ....I.... ALWAYS comment on your special pics! He knew I. Would see him for you! I feel so good inside! Wish there was an actual pic of him. :0) I'm glad I brought him to u Liz ♥
        Yesterday at 12:57pm ·

      • Patrick Hogan I used to stop and talk to him whilst he was moored near the winding hole in Willington............... I remember his two dogs but have forgotten their names. His spirit lives on ! thanks to Liz's image and Dawndy spiritual vision.
        Yesterday at 1:02pm ·

      Ron Came Home Last Night From Work I Showed Him This Picture And All Your comments 
      He Said Straight Away ... 

      "It's The Rat Man Hes Come Back To You Dawndy Found Him For You ;)x"
      Thank You Dawndy

      They Say That People Come Back To Visit You ;)x
      Well 3yrs ago .. Feb3rd 2009
      Des Hutton Lost His Life
      On This Stretch Of Canal 
      A Boating Friend Of Ours 
      He Lived On And Loved This Canal
      Now I Look At This Picture 
      In A Different Light

      I See You There
      Your Vision Now Forever
      So Now I Have Turned
      The Picture Into A Tribute To You
      My Friend The Rat Man ;)x

      I Remember That Day Well
      So Wrote This Tribute To Him
      And Left It By His Side ;( x
      In This I Say  ...
      We Will Miss You As We Pass
      But Your Memory Will Last

      Its 3yrs Since That Day
      You Went Away

      Memories Of That Day
      Will Always Stay x 

      Captured Now Forever
      Your Memory Will Always Last
      And Now Is Shared 
      By My Friends Who Found You

      Thank You Everyone
      For Returning Him
      To The Friends Who Loved
      And Miss Him So

      R.I.P  ... Des... Feb3rd 2009


  1. AMAZING that his spirit is so clearly visable!Suc a wonderful tribute to him RIP Des x

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  3. I used to stop and talk to him whilst he was moored near the winding hole in Willington............... I remember his two dogs but have forgotten their names. His spirit lives on !